CDA Credential Settings: 
Infant/Toddler Credential, Young infants, Mobile infants & Toddlers
Preschool Credential, 3-5 years old
Family Child Care Credential, Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers

CDA Self-Study Assignments

RC I-1, Valid CPR & First Aid Course, check with your Director.
RC I-2, Create Menu(s) for age group
Infant/Toddler Credential -Three(3) Menus, see instructions.
Preschool Credential - One (1) Preschool Menu
Family Child Care Menu - Infant Menu (optional) and a Combined Menu for Toddlers and Preschool Children

RC I-3, One (1) weekly plan for infants or toddlers or preschool Children.

Please do not forget to add the bottom row for Special Needs accommodations. Please provide detail instructions for an activity in the same column listed above.

RC II Nine Learning Experiences
Infant/Toddler Credential, Young Infants, Mobile Infants and Toddlers, see instructions.

Preschool Credential, 3 - 5 years old

Family Child Care Credential, Infants(3), Toddlers(3) and Preschool(3), if applicable.

Resource IV: Family Resource Guide
Read instructions and details for RC IV-1, RC IV-2, RC IV-3 and RC IV-4 Articles about infants/toddlers or Preschool Children 
Include all printed articles and please label all resources!

CDA - Final

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