CDA Portfolio

Typing Instructions:  Times Roman or Arial with 12pt font size.

Please use Grammarly to assist with spelling, grammar and punctuations.

As Early Childhood Educators, I want to make sure your CDA Portfolio represents your hard work.

Please proofread and download all of your documents into Microsoft Word documents.  

If you use Google Drive, go to file, download it into Word Docs. Please save all the documents on your USB Flash Drive. You can not go wrong with or App to assist with errors!

Please reprint your documents, if you have an outstanding amount of errors in your documents. Please call for assistance with corrections or printing.

Please Note: Any words underlined in blue, red or green, please correct errors prior to your CDA Verification Visit.

1. When you place a comma after a word, please space after the comma.  
2. Please capitalize on all names, titles, streets, etc. 
3. Proofread all documents prior to printing! 

Congratulations in advance on your CDA Final Assessments!


Please make sure you log your study time!

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